Europa Market Intelligence, based in Cambridge, UK, is a dedicated data and research company that serves four defined science and technology sectors – photonics, fibre networks, scientific computing, and scholarly research.

Scope fresh markets

“How can we find out if there’s a good market for our proposed new product?”

Bespoke lead generation

“We need better leads – and a lot more than we’re getting now!”

Niche marketing

“I would rather have 50 highly qualified leads than a list of 10,000 general prospects.”

Make your data work harder

“We’ve used the same database for years, and technology changes mean we’re missing demographics that are needed in today’s industry.”

Research Industry events

“In theory, we could be attending an industry event at least every month. How can we tell which are going to deliver the best ROI for us?”

Ready to go?

“I know exactly what I want – how do I set you to work?”

More questions?

“I think there could be something here I could use, but I need to talk it through”

Meet the team

Warren Clark
Managing Director

+44 (0)1223 221031

Warren has more than 20 years’ experience in B2B publishing, initially as an editor for technology magazines in fields such as security, electrical contracting and network cabling. He first worked with Mark Rosselli in 2001, at CPL, and moved to Europa Science in 2003 when the latter spun out of CPL. He became a director and shareholder in 2009, and following a management buyout in 2016, is now the majority shareholder in Europa Science Group, the owner of both Europa Science Publishing ltd and Europa Market Intelligence ltd.

Jon Hunt

+44 (0)1354 610188

Having spent a number of years working in Music industry publishing, Jon continued the development of his career as the UK Marketing manager for the International Audio Group. After this he worked as a freelance marketing and advertising consultant, with one of his clients being Europe Science. The potential of the industry was obvious, so he joined full time and following 7 years developing the advertising side of Electro Optics and Laser Systems Europe, it became apparent that Europa Science was perfectly positioned to offer services that supplement its expertise in many core markets – and so Europa Market Intelligence Ltd was born.

Mark Rosselli

+44 (0)1223 221030

Mark has a wealth of experience in publishing, including senior roles at UK newspapers The Observer, The Independent and The Independent on Sunday. He set up contract publishing company CPL in 1996 (from which Europa Science spun out in 2003), which has run major accounts for global organisations, fulfilling print, digital and content requirements. Mark has been a director and shareholder at Europa Science since its inception, and following a management buyout in 2016, he retains a significant shareholding in Europa Science Group and has an active role in Europa Market Intelligence.