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Europa Market Intelligence, based in Cambridge, UK, is a dedicated data and research company that serves four defined science and technology sectors – photonics, fibre networks, scientific computing, and scholarly research.

Europa Market Intelligence is the sister company of Europa Science, the highly respected and long-standing science publishing company that owns several leading publishing and information channels. Within the photonics market, Europa’s brands are Electro Optics, Imaging and Machine Vision Europe, and Laser Systems Europe.

We launched Europa Market Intelligence in 2016 because we understand that the sector is evolving rapidly, especially within the fields of marketing and sales. Europa’s long experience within your market gives us an unparalleled ability to both scope the opportunities this pace of change creates and help businesses like yours to surmount the accompanying challenges.
Corporate organisations are adapting to rapid change by seeking closer engagement with their current and prospective customers. To be heard in today’s noisy market, B2B organisations need to know their customers better than ever before, and must gain deep understanding of what each customer needs today, and is likely to need in the near and medium futures.

Europa Market Intelligence is driven by three insights into today’s science and technology markets.

1. Focusing on a series of niche audiences and communities delivers better engagement and return on investment than addressing only the broader market.

2. Success in engaging with well-defined audiences requires smart application of deep and detailed data. Traditional sources of data are not capable of delivering deep and detailed data, because their focus is on volume, not depth. Smart tactics applied to dumb data won’t give you a win, however much data you have.

3. Every business is unique, so its niche marketing needs are also unique. Traditional data sources like their data to be broad enough to appear ‘relevant’ to many different businesses. We believe that data is most productive when it is tailored to the unique needs of a single business.

These insights have informed our offering, which is to provide an entirely bespoke data and market research service to B2B businesses working in sectors where Europa has expertise and outstanding market knowledge.

That means everything Europa Market Intelligence does for you is always designed by you.