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Scope fresh markets

“How can we find out if there’s a good market for our proposed new product?”

“Is our database really covering the whole market – are we missing out on market share?”

“We want to expand, but we don’t really know the size of the market in countries outside our current territories.”

“Technology change means our products are now relevant to new sectors. But which of these offer us the best market opportunity?”

Competitive intelligence

Most photonics businesses find it challenging and expensive to research fresh markets. The choices aren’t great; you either bring in an outside market researcher who knows nothing about the industry, or you hire and train your own market research team – significantly
pushing up your overheads. There is an alternative. Ask Europa to do the research for you. We have long commercial experience in the photonics industry, with deep understanding of all the major markets. We understand the technology, the supply chains, and the trends changing the sector.

We can tell you about potential customers, which competitors are working in the new market, and the upsides and downsides
of new sectors and territories. All our work is 100% customised to your exact needs. We will work for you on a project basis for a firm cost, with no further commitment.


Bespoke lead generation

“We need better leads – and a lot more than we’re getting now!”

“How can we target specific demographics for our new products?”
“Bought-in lists are just not working for us. The data are too broad, they don’t have the specific information
we need.”

“How can we get leads for a brand new technology – there are no lists,
no events and no publications covering this development.” this?”

Data building

Everyone worries about lead generation – and rightly, because today’s leads are tomorrow’s new business.
Few photonics companies have staff dedicated to lead generation – it usually ends up being added to a (very long) list of tasks for their marketing person.
We have a proposition for you. Let us research and deliver exactly the leads you are looking for.
We won’t send you names from standing lists, because such lists never have exactly the demographics and qualifications that your company needs. Every lead generation project we undertake for you will be

started from scratch, with search parameters set entirely by you.
Helpfully, we have access to valuable resources: huge amounts of raw market data; strong relations with the industry’s main events; and productive collaboration with leading photonics trade bodies.
Whatever you need, however minutely defined your requirements are, we’ll work hard to hunt out the names you need to keep your new business pipeline healthy and productive.