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Niche marketing

“I would rather have 50 highly qualified leads than a list of 10,000 general prospects.”

“Our marketing has become routine – we aren’t having conversations with our customers, we’re just broadcasting to them.”

“We understand that one size never suits all, but we don’t have the time or resource to market to each of our customer segments.”

Marketing to business customers has become remarkably complicated in the last few years. The emphasis today is on increasing engagement – binding each customer more closely to your brand. Sending out a brochure and catalogue to everybody once a year is no longer enough.
The typical customer base can be broken down into several – sometimes many – discrete groups, communities that use the same technologies and products, and have similar problems to solve.
Ideally, you should be sending tailored marketing to

each of these communities to maximise engagement. But busy corporates often don’t have the time or resource to create high quality, convincing niche marketing messages and collateral.
Europa, as experts in both photonics and corporate communications, can help you unlock the engagement and uplift that niche marketing delivers.
We can identify and help build your customer communities, and then create personalised marketing content that delivers 100% relevant messages to each of your communities, creating campaigns with real impact.


Make your data work harder

“We’ve used the same database for years, and technology changes mean we’re missing demographics that are needed in today’s industry.”

“How can we be sure our database is covering the markets we want to reach?”

“I worry that 80% of our list seems to be focused on 20% of our products. What can I do about this?”

A database of names, addresses and job titles isn’t real data – it’s just a flat mailing list.
For your database to become really productive, you need to gain proper understanding of what lies behind the thousands of rows of names and titles; you need insight into the different segments in your prospect customer base, and the differing threats and opportunities that will make your marketing directly relevant to every prospect.
Few photonics companies have access to the expert data science skills that can unlock the latent power of

We can analyse your data, and unearth the patterns that reveal how well they match with your current customers and your product range. We will come up with a plan to repair weaknesses in your data, and identify ways of building out your data to improve their commercial value to you.
The same analysis will also look at the quality and accuracy of your data; all databases decay over time, and most busy companies just don’t have enough time to ensure the database keeps up as your business evolves.


Research industry events

“In theory, we could be attending an industry event at least every month. How can we tell which are going to deliver the best ROI for us?”

“How can we find out which events our competitors are going to?”

“I just hate it when we invest a lot of money on going to a show, and the delegates turn out to be completely wrong for our business.”

Trying to attend every photonics industry show, meeting and conference is just crazy – there are far too many, and only a fraction will be right for your business. But how can you identify which events to pick?
To save time, many businesses simply rebook the events they went to last year – but that means you may be missing out on other events that are better for your business. And over time some of your regular events will inevitably decline, meaning you need to find more productive alternatives.
Asking Europa to prepare an event report for your business can significantly reduce your

investment risks in event attendance.
We will research the events on your shortlist, looking at their performance, the types of business that exhibit, and the quality and quantity of delegates, all measured as trends over time. We can also seek to identify which events your close competitors have attended, how much they invested at each event, and their marketing around the event.